There Will Come Soft Rains

 I read on Farcebook that Grandmaster Ray Bradbury’s house was sold and torn down. I have to admit, the first thing that crossed my mind was it should have been turned into a museum. After all, Ray’s work crossed many genres, and even today some universities use his work when teaching courses on prose and […]

5 Tips For Securing Your WordPress Author Website

 There’s nothing more disheartening than checking on your author website, only to find that it was hacked. Well…perhaps finding yet another rejection email in your inbox may be worse, but it’s close. There are several simple ways to improve the security of your author website. Note that your website will never be perfectly secure. A […]

NaNoWriMo Plans

 Yes, I still participate in NaNoWriMo. When I’m in the writing groove, free from distractions, I can chunk out lots of verbage. Doesn’t mean it’s final-draft quality — far from it — but I give myself permission to write down stuff that would bug my inner editor. I have one urban fantasy to finish, two […]

Adding a Favicon to Your Website

 What’s a Favicon? A favicon is a special 16×16 pixel image that is used by web browsers to display a unique image in each tab. If, like me, you tend to have over 30 tabs open at a time, the favicon is the item displayed so you know what you have open in each and […]

Sojourner Tales

 Last year, the brilliant team of Tracy and Laura Hickman came up with an interesting idea for a game system based around stories. They set up a Kickstarter campaign to get it rolling. It did pick up enough funding to not only produce the game, but enough to use some quality materials. Even the box, […]

Free Upcoming Classes from iVersity

Christmas Interested in some free online classes? Well, you’re in luck. There are two upcoming classes that may interest you. First off is the Serious Game Design class. Did you know that games can be serious? Serious Games take advantage of the engaging characteristics of games to develop the players’ knowledge, personal and social skills. Join […]

Free Android App from the Handsome Author Society

The Handsome Author Society now has an Android application, available free from Google Play. It includes the list of over 50 panels the H.A.S. has participated on. Enjoy!

Double-Down in Denver

Tonya and I will be heading over to attend MileHiCon and RockyMountainCon in October. Tonya will be at MileHiCon on Friday, and at RockyMountainCon on Saturday and Sunday. I will be at MileHiCon on Friday and Saturday, and at RockyMountainCon on Sunday. One new and cool panel will go over writing for anthologies, with the […]

Updating Theme

I’m in the midst of updating my main theme, so there’s going to be some pain and suffering (mostly on my end). Should be ironed out quickly.

Spocon 2014

 Since we had so much fun at Radcon, Tonya and I decided to add another Washington convention to our tour. Tim “SomeCallMeTim” Martin was a gentlemanly host, and the whole crew at Spocon was quite professional and well organized. The welcome packet had everything we needed, and the green room was a good spot to […]