Denver Comic Con 2014

 If you’re going to Denver Comic Con, please stop by and visit the Handsome Author Society booth at spot #1013 (on Friday the 13th!). The booth includes books from me, Quincy J. Allen, Travis Heermann, Sam Knight, Mark Stone, and Vivian Caethe, plus some art prints and Tonya L. De Marco’s Adopt a Monster baby […]

Print is Dead?

 I’ve read several articles about how digital sales will eliminate dead-tree (print) format. Most of my author pals sell more digital downloads than print. I’m the exception, apparently. My print sales to digital sales are 4:1, where I will sell four print books for every digital download. Some months it goes much higher, such as my […]

New Guest Post at The Fictorians

 I have another guest post over on The Fictorians, a literary blog that has monthly themes. This month, the theme is what book inspired me to write. My answer is my first science fiction book called “The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree” by Louis Slobodkin. You can read the blog/article here:

On Using the Threat of Rape as Commentary

I read an interesting post over on Brian Keene’s blog concerning how a friend of his was treated when she wrote an article. Janelle Asselin, one of my former editors at DC Comics, wrote an article for CBR critiquing the T&A aspects of the cover to the forthcoming Teen Titans #1. Some readers liked the article. Some didn’t. […]

Between the Interstice: On Lovecraft and Weird Fiction

 Guest post by author Mike Robinson   “Back then, with the visions, most of the time I was convinced I’d lost it. There were other times, though, where I thought I was mainlining the secret truth to the universe.”                                                                                                                                    — Rust Cohle, True Detective Behind the wide facade of Speculative Fiction twist the hedge-mazes […]


 I’m not one to post about controversial stuff. I avoid religion and political topics for the most part. But there’s something that’s been really bugging me today. There was a post over on about an interview with Tracy Hickman at AnomalyCon. I’m sure it wasn’t purposeful, but the piece made Tracy appear to be […]

Western Writers of America

 I just signed a check and put it in an envelope. While I prefer to receive checks in the mail, this one is for my dues for the Western Writers of America. I applied for membership, and listed my short story sales, including ones with a Western theme. I was surprised how many of my […]

AnomalyCon 2014: Revolution

 Another AnomalyCon has come and gone, and I’m filled with a bit of melancholy. I miss hanging out with my author and artist friends. #     #     # I’ll update my panel listings page later this week. I was on quite a few, and with the usual conflicting panel information all larger […]

Fiction Writing Assessment

 From the brilliant Tim Waggoner, here’s an assessment form for use in teaching, workshops, or even critique groups. At the very least, it can be used as a checklist for beta readers as to what kind of feedback would be useful.   It’s a freebie. The email and name is to send a receipt. Feel […]

Facebook Pages: Are they worth your time?

 Almost every book marketing eBook I read says I should get out on Facebook and spew information on my current books. “Set up a Facebook Page for each book or series.” Now that Facebook has changed their algorithm, is it worth the time for an author to post about their books? Lets take a look […]