You might be surprised to learn your AuthorCentral page does not magically transfer to (You do have one in the USA, don’t you?)

Using the same email address as the US version, pop on over to AC in the UK:

Why the same address? To save you from forgetting your login information and for ease of use, silly. I’m an old fart, so I need all the help I can get.

If you don’t have an AuthorCentral setup already started, just click on the “Sign Up” button. The good thing is they will show you a string of books that are yours. Before you select that, see if some others appear, normally single book versions. If any appear, they might be pirated editions. I did see an extra copy of Odd Places, but it turned out it was for sale by a third-party reseller. A quick email to customer service fixed the extra book issue.

Click on the string of books that are yours, then copy your information from your US version to your UK account. Consider correcting the English so that it’s English English 🙂

Think you’re done? Nope!

AuthorCentral sites are in the following countries:


UK –

Germany –

France –

Japan –

Don’t read or write French, German, or any of the other languages? Pop on over to and have someone translate your bio information.


Tweet: I just read an article over on and I really enjoyed it. Go check it out!Tweet: I just read an article over on and I really enjoyed it. Go check it out!

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