AnomalyCon 2015 Panel Schedule

My final panel schedule is listed below, for those folks who will be traveling to Denver for AnomalyCon. Please stop by and say hello after the panels! You’ll have an even dozen to choose from.


  • Time Travel And The World of Tomorrow
    Is Time Travel possible? Discuss ideas about time travel from various fictional resources, as well as real science strides being made toward travel through time.
    G. De Marco, I. BrazeeCanon, R. Maas, A. Helms Fri 7pm
  • The Secret Love Lives of Zombies
    If zombies COULD procreate, how would they do it? Do Zombies ever run out of parts? Other strange questions you probably never wanted to ask (or know the answers).
    G. De Marco, M. Acevedo, S. Yan, M. Stone Fri 9pm


  • The Science of Steampunk 
    Steampunk might be considered “fantasy” to some hardcore scientists today, but the science of Steampunk looks a lot like hard science when examined through a Victorian lens.
    G. De Marco, M. Tanzer, J. Heller, Sat 12pm
  • Author Free-For-All
    Don’t miss this wild answer to every question you never thought to ask your favorite authors! Twitter meets steroids.
    S. Chambers, C. Doctorow, K. Seibert (M), J. Nye, S. Litore, G. De Marco, J. A. Owen, M. Tanzer, M. Mohanraj, J. Koyanagi, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, L.J.
    Hachmeister, T. Heermann, S. Smith, V. Caethe Sat 1pm
  • Converting Novels to Graphic Novels and Comics
    What are the differences and techniques required to adapt your skills across multiple industries?
    C. Salas, M. Acevedo, G. De Marco Sat 4pm
  • Care and Feeding of Literary Villains
    What does it take to write a really great villain?
    J. Nye, P. Lell, G. De Marco Sat 8pm
  • Why Steampunks Love Squid
    Why Verne, why H.P. Lovecraft, why all the mysterious affiliations with squid? Discuss the Steampunk attachment to certain kinds of fiction.
    G. De Marco, J. Heller, T. Kroenung Sat 9pm
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    History snafus, REALLY bad ideas, and other stories that get better with profanity.
    K. Major, G. De Marco Sat 10pm


  • Privacy and Practicality on The Web
    Where does privacy give way to social interaction on the web? How can you protect yourself? And what about Facebook?
    C. Doctorow, J. Brawner, G. De Marco, Psyche Corporation Sun 11am
  • Chasing the Demon in the Clouds
    A brief overview of aviation, from Orville and Wilbur, to Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins (and Yeager). We’ll look at how things go up, what makes them go up, and why they sometimes come back down very badly.
    G. De Marco, M. Stone, K. Major Sun 12pm
  • Black Ops Inventors
    A brief look at the secret projects, wacky ideas, and strange inventions that have come from the military (that we know about).
    K. Major, G. De Marco, M. Stone Sun 1pm
  • Build a Story on the Spot
    The Audience writes–what insanity will befall characters created in the spur of the moment?
    G. De Marco Sun 2pm

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