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Show, Don’t Tell: Huh?

 “Show, don’t tell” is a fundamental principle of writing that can greatly enhance the reader’s experience. Instead of directly stating a character’s emotions or actions, you use descriptive language and actions to indirectly convey them to the reader. This allows them to infer the character’s emotions and makes the writing more engaging and immersive. For […]

Bad Amazon Ads

 Attention authors, particularly indie authors who are doing their own marketing: If you are not treating your advertising with at least the same respect as your book, you’re throwing away your money. In fact, you may be damaging your career. On my Kindle Touch is an advertisement for a book that almost screams “do not […]

A Checklist for Editors

 Here’s a checklist of five items I’m looking to get from an editor. Sometimes it makes sense to let a potential editor you’re interested in hiring know what you’re looking for. Be Brutal. When I submit something to an editor, particularly if I am paying that editor, I expect them to be honest and as […]

Busy busy busy little bees…

My goodness, I need to get to the point where I can write full-time. I get emails 24 hours a day for my day job in IT, which makes it difficult to get large block of writing completed. I end up getting 4-6 hours of sleep between writing and fixing computers. Here’s what I’m working […]