Busy busy busy little bees…

My goodness, I need to get to the point where I can write full-time. I get emails 24 hours a day for my day job in IT, which makes it difficult to get large block of writing completed. I end up getting 4-6 hours of sleep between writing and fixing computers.

Here’s what I’m working on this weekend:

  1. I have a graphic novel project in the works. Sent out several pages of thumbnails to a friend to see if the pacing and continuity are correct. If they work, I’ll finish up the script, based on a story by Peter J. Wacks, and send it out to Kathryn Renta, the talented Latchkey Artist.
  2. I’m writing a short story for a Dark Superhero/Villain anthology.
  3. Pounding away on two non-fiction ebook projects. One should be completed by Sunday night.
  4. Going to try to do the next section of edits on Quincy Allen’s forthcoming novel.
  5. I need to change the oil on my motorcycle and take Tonya for a jaunt.
  6. Answer emails from my day job, even though I’m not on call and should have today off.
  7. Do some work on my front porch.
  8. Did I mention I have to write? Yet more work on the four novels in progress.
  9. Prep for our trip to KillerCon in Las Vegas, baby!

So, what’s on your agenda? Hope you have some spare time for creative activities!

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