Guy Anthony De Marco started writing fiction in seventh grade — a comic book with his favorite teacher taking care of bullies. After several years of working on stories that he gave away for free, he realized he enjoyed writing for the entertainment of others almost as much as he enjoyed working with the new computers that were arriving on the scene.Unfortunately, he was unable to support himself with writing. After a couple of stints in college, he joined the US Navy, where he learned about electronics, helicopter avionics, and advanced computer systems. Eleven years later, he branched out into the technical writing and teaching fields, working for a corporation that sent him to Thailand for a year, teaching component-level repair of computerized fare systems. The technical writing gig reminded him how much he enjoyed writing fiction.

The Information Technology field paid the bills while he wrote stories on the side. His short stories appeared in several magazines, and he began to write novels. NaNoWriMo showed him he could produce a novel if he could maintain focus. For one NaNoWriMo, he finished 50,000 words in less than ten days. He ended up with 165,000 words by the end of the November.

Eventually, his sales allowed him to join the Horror Writers Association and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He continues to sell short stories, and has sold several novels, the first of which will be released in November 2012.

Guy enjoys attending conventions and participating on panels. He performed volunteer work for the Horror Writers Association as part of the web team, for which he was presented the Silver Hammer Award during the 2012 Bram Stoker awards banquet in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Guy is currently working with his lovely wife, Tonya, to become a full-time fiction writer.