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Specialist Dictionaries

 When writing prose or poetry, most folks are used to the standard dictionaries and encyclopedias. These tools are useful to make sure an author is using a term correctly. When delving into specialist, or niche, subjects, it may be a good idea to check and see if a dictionary or encyclopedia exists to make sure […]

Adding a Favicon to Your Website

 What’s a Favicon? A favicon is a special 16×16 pixel image that is used by web browsers to display a unique image in each tab. If, like me, you tend to have over 30 tabs open at a time, the favicon is the item displayed so you know what you have open in each and […]

Print is Dead?

 I’ve read several articles about how digital sales will eliminate dead-tree (print) format. Most of my author pals sell more digital downloads than print. I’m the exception, apparently. My print sales to digital sales are 4:1, where I will sell four print books for every digital download. Some months it goes much higher, such as my […]

New Guest Post at The Fictorians

 I have another guest post over on The Fictorians, a literary blog that has monthly themes. This month, the theme is what book inspired me to write. My answer is my first science fiction book called “The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree” by Louis Slobodkin. You can read the blog/article here:

On Using the Threat of Rape as Commentary

I read an interesting post over on Brian Keene’s blog concerning how a friend of his was treated when she wrote an article. Janelle Asselin, one of my former editors at DC Comics, wrote an article for CBR critiquing the T&A aspects of the cover to the forthcoming Teen Titans #1. Some readers liked the article. Some didn’t. […]


 I’m not one to post about controversial stuff. I avoid religion and political topics for the most part. But there’s something that’s been really bugging me today. There was a post over on about an interview with Tracy Hickman at AnomalyCon. I’m sure it wasn’t purposeful, but the piece made Tracy appear to be […]

Life and Everything2

 There’s a website that was Wikipedia before Wikipedia was Wikipedia. That site is A friend of mine, James Younger, pulled me into the website, and I ended up writing enough stuff over ten years that I put out a book. It’s still there, and recently I drifted back because of the death of a […]

The Fox – True Ghost Story Project

 How’s the NaNoWriMo frenzy progressing for you? Well, I hope. Remember, NaNo is a personal competition, so focus on that. Even if you don’t hit 50K, you’re still closer to a finished novel than you were at the beginning of November. Now for something cool — The Fox has a project for true paranormal and/or […]

New Interview at Ginger Nuts of Horror

 Ginger Nuts of Horror, run by Jim Mcleod out of the United Kingdom, posted an interview with me on their website. The interview series is called Five Minutes With… Ginger Nuts of Horror posts interviews and news for the horror and dark media fans. They’re worth a visit and a bookmark, particularly since you can […]

Submitted: The Strangelet to Apokrupha

 Sent in a 418-word short story to Apokrupha’s Vignettes from the End of the World anthology. They’re looking for stories about the end of the world happening, all in 500 words or less. I was doing a bit of research on the Large Hadron Collider, and I ended up on Wikipedia. The page was about […]