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There’s a website that was Wikipedia before Wikipedia was Wikipedia. That site is

A friend of mine, James Younger, pulled me into the website, and I ended up writing enough stuff over ten years that I put out a book. It’s still there, and recently I drifted back because of the death of a friend of mine.

The place is still enjoyable, and we ended up having a virtual wake for dannye (Danny Wildman), the resident curmudgeon. Lots of tears, remembering the funny things he used to do, and how much we’ll all miss him caused another round of tears to develop.

I ended up Tuckerizing Danny into a short story I wrote for Supernatural Colorado.

What is Everything2 about? It’s pretty much everything you can think of, tossed into a single giant world-wide kitchen sink. There are free short stories, reviews, daylogs, poetry, and the occasional non-fiction article, all available without creating an account. If you want to create and contribute, however, you will need an account.

If you pop on over, make sure you read some of the how-to’s, including how to link. Then stop by the chat box (aka the catbox) and say hello. My user name is Rancid_Pickle.

If you do sign up, I would be more than happy to show you around the place. As far as stuff I’ve written there, I put most of the prose in the collection called Life and Everything Too, which is available in paperback through Amazon.

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