Facebook Fails: This Burns Me Up

Rocky Wood, HWA President, posted about something so ridiculous, I initially thought it was an Onion article. It seems that Facebook has removed his page for a Bram Stoker® nominated graphic novel he wrote with Lisa Morton (illustrated by Greg Chapman). Why? Because it appears having the word “burn” in the title means that book is about bullying. J.G. Faherty’s excellent novel, “The Burning Time”, suffered the same fate. He knows of one more person…

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Conventions Events

Denver Comic Con

Coming up at the end of May 2013, the Denver Comic Con is the largest convention in the Denver region. This year, they’re expecting 50,000 attendees. I will be attending this year, along with Peter J. Wacks, to promote our Bram Stoker Award® nominated graphic novel, Behind These Eyes. We’ll be nea Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, right by the front of the dealers room.  If you’re going, please make sure you stop by…

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Blog Books and Stories

New Graphic Novel

I’m co-scripting a graphic novel with Peter J. Wacks, and Chaz Kemp is doing the art honors. The GN is called Behind These Eyes, and it will be published by Villainous Press. One nice thing is that it is getting published online at, so you can pop over to check it out. The electronic version will be available for sale December 18th, and the print version will be available Dec 23rd. HWA members can sign…

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