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The Pirate Who’s Who (Expanded Edition)

 Another fun book project is now out the door. I helped to collect and edit the expanded edition of Philip Gosse’s classic book, which is now available from Warped Mind Press. I also penned the foreword for this new edition. The book is non-fiction and a reference of some of the famous pirates and buccaneers […]

Print is Dead?

 I’ve read several articles about how digital sales will eliminate dead-tree (print) format. Most of my author pals sell more digital downloads than print. I’m the exception, apparently. My print sales to digital sales are 4:1, where I will sell four print books for every digital download. Some months it goes much higher, such as my […]

The Write Environment

Is it time to consider writing professionally, at least part-time? Writing professionally means writing as though you need to pay the rent – tomorrow. You need to devote time to your craft. You need to develop effective habits. Remember the old adage, Practice Makes Perfect? It’s wrong – practice makes improvement. Developing a good writing […]

Busy busy busy little bees…

My goodness, I need to get to the point where I can write full-time. I get emails 24 hours a day for my day job in IT, which makes it difficult to get large block of writing completed. I end up getting 4-6 hours of sleep between writing and fixing computers. Here’s what I’m working […]

Final cover approved for The Bride

I just approved the final cover for The Bride. It had a stock image of a pretty young woman who looked like a bride, but I thought the eyes were a bit off and she looked too “clean” for someone who had turned into a raving, flesh-eating zombie. The lines, particularly for the hair, were […]