The Pirate Who’s Who (Expanded Edition)

Another fun book project is now out the door. I helped to collect and edit the expanded edition of Philip Gosse’s classic book, which is now available from Warped Mind Press. I also penned the foreword for this new edition.

The book is non-fiction and a reference of some of the famous pirates and buccaneers from the ancient times through the early 1900’s. I researched and added many missing swashbucklers, making a concerted effort to find more female pirates that were overlooked for one reason or another. Indeed, some of the most fierce and successful pirates were women. The Pirate Who’s Who now includes many of them, where they should have been all along.

I hope you enjoy the new book, which I will make sure to bring to Myths and Legends Con (aka MALCon) on August 14 – 16, 2015 in Denver, Colorado.

Until then, here’s a special discount of $2.22 off of the cover price. Use JSWFN2U8 as the discount code and order the book here:

You can also find it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and a bookstore near you.

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