Fictorians: DMCA Tools

Over on The Fictorians, I have a double-shot of fun this month. The theme is about different writing tools for authors. If you want to read some reviews of different useful tips, tools, and troubles, stop by this month.

My first tool article is one I’ve talked about at the Horror Writers Association for their members-only newsletter — Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Tools for dealing with pirates. It covers some specific things to do if you find your work on a pirate website. The direct link to the article is

The second tool article will be out on May 28th, which happens to be Tonya’s birthday. (Happy Early Birthday to my wonderful wife! Make sure you tell her over on Facebook!) That article is about Advanced Google-Fu, which will magically appear around midnight in the wee hours of the 28th. The direct link (is/will be)

I hope you enjoy the articles.

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