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Amazon 1-Click Dangers

I was almost taken in by a bait-and-switch type of scam normally seen on eBay. I was actually shopping on Amazon, where I normally feel much safer. Now, less so. If I had my 1-Click purchase button active, I would be quite angry the next time I checked my bank statement. I was looking for […]

CreateSpace Titles in Canada Now Earning Same as USA

 I received this in my email a few minutes ago. This is good news for print sales. Publishers will receive more funds from CreateSpace sales in Canada via instead of having those sales run through the Expanded Services. I’m wondering how Kobo will react to this news.   Hello, Starting October 8, we began […] KDP Select Contest

 Parlez-vous français? For those that speak or, more importantly, write French, there’s something cool happening over at the website. On July 1st, Amazon’s French subsidiary announced a new literary program to expand their Kindle Direct Publishing ebook lineup. Self-pubbed books that are in KDP Select over on are eligible. Ebooks that are downloaded […]

Kindle Direct Publishing – Taken Over by Idiots?

 So I’m preparing for my trip to Denver Comic Con this weekend when this gem of an email arrives like pixie dust in my inbox: Hello, We are writing to you regarding the following book: Absolute Truths & Outright Lies by De Marco, Guy Anthony (AUTHOR) (ID:1872583), The Ultimate Blonde Joke Book by De Marco, […]

Nice review of Angels Cried

 “Big Al” left a nice 4-star review on Amazon for the charity anthology Angels Cried. He called out two particular stories, one of which was my short story titled For Christmas, I Made My Mother Cry. From the review: A couple of the stories stood above the rest for me. For Christmas, I Made My […]

Miami Spy Games: Armand Rosamilia

  Miami Spy Games:  Adding Real People As Minor Characters Armand Rosamilia     I’m often asked how hard it is to come up with not only the main characters in stories, but all the minor ones that populate the world and the story. I tell them it is easy: I cheat. Most of the […]

Odd Places Reviews and Interviews

 A few reviews popped up for my short story collection, Odd Places. Mandy DeGeit posted her review on her blog, Goodreads, and my Amazon page. She gave it a solid four stars. I wonder why so many people like my zombie cow story? She’s always funny, and I dubbed her “a force of nature in […]

Busy busy busy little bees…

My goodness, I need to get to the point where I can write full-time. I get emails 24 hours a day for my day job in IT, which makes it difficult to get large block of writing completed. I end up getting 4-6 hours of sleep between writing and fixing computers. Here’s what I’m working […]