CreateSpace Titles in Canada Now Earning Same as USA

I received this in my email a few minutes ago. This is good news for print sales. Publishers will receive more funds from CreateSpace sales in Canada via instead of having those sales run through the Expanded Services.

I’m wondering how Kobo will react to this news.



Starting October 8, we began making CreateSpace titles enrolled in the sales channel available directly to readers in Canada on Your title may already be offered on through Expanded Distribution or other channels, but now you can earn the same royalty on that you would earn for a sale on

You can expect to see a title enrolled in the sales channel on in 30 days. List prices will be converted from US dollars to Canadian dollars to determine the list price. Royalties from sales will be calculated based on your USD list price and reported as part of your USD sales for You can learn more in our Help pages.
If you would like to disable distribution to, please contact support.

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