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Doctor Who written in Gallifreyan

While I love the modern version of that rascally time-traveling Gallifreyan, I still enjoy the classic episodes. I decided to watch every episode I could, in order, and to post something here. I’ll include a small summary and my opinion on each story. I will use the title of the story arc instead of the titles of the individual parts. For example, my first review will be William Hartnell’s “An Unearthly Child” in all of its black-and-white glory.

I do have some of the audio-only versions of the missing episodes, so yes, I will include those. I’ll note which portions were missing the video in the review. I will also include the unaired episode of Tom Baker’s Shada, which didn’t finish due to a strike at the BBC.

I hope you enjoy the string of posts. I’ll make sure to group them under the tag Classic Doctor Who.

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