Interview up on SF Signal

The Hugo-winning website SF Signal, which happens to host some of the best articles on what is happening in science fiction every day, posted podcast number 302 earlier this month. As part of their series of folks attending MileHiCon from October 23-25, 2015, Patrick Hester conducted an interview with little old me.

I had a blast during the episode, and some of the conversation before he started recording really set the lively, fun tone. Off-limit topics were religion, politics, sex, barbecue, and who makes the best pizza — especially since i’m from Brooklyn and Patrick is from Chicago. The bottom line is Brooklyn pizza is the best in the universe.

Topics included the new Sidekicks anthology that will benefit MileHiCon, My Little Pony, MileHiCon itself, my wife’s cosplay work, and writing in general. You’re sure to enjoy the show!

The podcast can be heard on the SF Signal website, downloaded as an MP3, or picked up through iTunes.

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