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Thank a Veteran

This morning you awoke to a new day. There were chores to do, lists to check, and some moderate griping about some annoying item you had to deal with. Meanwhile, someone you never knew stood watch on the hard steel deck of a ship, thinking about a distant little girl she gave birth to but […]

My Roommates Purchased Throwing Stars

   After I finished my US Navy boot camp experiences, I traveled to Tennessee to attend a year’s worth of training. I shared a room with a wannabe ninja, who infected the guys who lived in both of the adjacent rooms. They piffled off to a martial arts place nearby and came back with 3-toed […]

USS Gary (FFG-51) Decommissioned

 Announced by the United States Navy: The the last remaining Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigate on the West coast was decommissioned today after 31 years of service. The USS Gary (FFG-51) had two hangar bays for helicoptors, and that’s where I served on a detachment from HSL-43. We had a couple of Sikorsky Seahawk SH-60B helos. On […]