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Goals, Fears, and Fuzzies

 Publishing Goals I came to the realization that I’ve been writing professionally (off and on) for forty years. I’ve hit all of my major goals over the years. It’s a lucky thing that I have so many stories trying to get out of my skull before I keel over…they keep me going as a writer. […]

Small Publisher Series: James Ward Kirk Publishing

 James Ward Kirk Publishing This micro press run by (no surprise) author and editor James Ward Kirk puts out several unique anthologies per year, plus a couple of annuals. This is a for-the-love or a token payment press (two $25 awards for the top two submissions). I love many of their anthology concepts and come […]

Small Publisher Series: Daily Science Fiction

 Daily Science Fiction If you’re not signed up for their weekday free stories that appear in your inbox, you’re missing out. This is a small SFWA-approved venue that pays better than pro rates, currently eight cents per word. When they picked up my short story, “A Case of Curiosities”, I qualified to join SFWA. This […]

Small Publisher Series: WolfSinger Publications

 Wolfsinger Publications This is another Colorado publisher, albeit a micro press. WolfSinger puts out several unique anthologies every year, and sometimes I write a story for them just because the anthology concept excites my muse. They respond to questions quickly and actually do thorough edits. My story, “Grubstake”, appears in Supernatural Colorado, and a story […]