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Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con Schedule

 Here’s my DCC schedule (so far) for panels. Remember, Denver Comic Con opens on Friday, but takes place on Saturday through Monday this year during Memorial Day. Make sure you stop by and say hello! Saturday: Guy: 2:30 – 3:20 The Better Half: Sidekicks in Fiction ROOM: 203 (With Tonya) Films and literature and full […]

Denver Comic Con 2014

 If you’re going to Denver Comic Con, please stop by and visit the Handsome Author Society booth at spot #1013 (on Friday the 13th!). The booth includes books from me, Quincy J. Allen, Travis Heermann, Sam Knight, Mark Stone, and Vivian Caethe, plus some art prints and Tonya L. De Marco’s Adopt a Monster baby […]

Panel Schedule for Denver Comic Con

 Denver Comic Con 2013 Here’s my schedule for Denver Comic Con. Hope to see you there! FRI-4-5 The Future of Storytelling Room 109 James Rourke, Jesse Bullington, Molly Tanzer, Guy Anthony De Marco, Stephen Graham Jones (m) SAT-2-3 Creating an Indie Publishing Co-op Room 103 Bryan Young, Dave Jackson, Paul Lell, Travis Heerman, Guy Anthony […]