Panel Schedule for Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con 2013

Here’s my schedule for Denver Comic Con. Hope to see you there!


The Future of Storytelling Room 109
James Rourke, Jesse Bullington, Molly Tanzer, Guy Anthony De Marco, Stephen Graham Jones (m)


Creating an Indie Publishing Co-op Room 103
Bryan Young, Dave Jackson, Paul Lell, Travis Heerman, Guy Anthony De Marco (m)


Horror and Dark Fiction Room 103
Jeanne Stein, Stephen Graham Jones, Lee Collins, Guy Anthony De Marco, Mario Acevedo (m)


Marketing and Crowdsourcing for Authors Room 103
Guy Anthony De Marco, Peter J. Wacks, W. L. James, Paul Lell, Kevin J. Anderson (m)


Fairytales Retold: The New Trend Room 103
Guy Anthony De Marco, Sam Knight, W. L. James, Dave Jackson (m)

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