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Doctor Who Review: 001-An Unearthly Child

 Episode Number: 001 Production Code: A Number of Episodes: 4 Original Broadcast Date: November 23, 1963 The Doctor: William Hartnell Companions: Susan (The Doctor’s Granddaughter), Ian, Barbara Location: Earth Main Enemy, Alien or Monster: Kal Notes: Sometimes referred to as 100,000BC, but it was re-titled before release. First appearance of The Doctor, the TARDIS, Susan, […]

Reviews of Classic Doctor Who

 While I love the modern version of that rascally time-traveling Gallifreyan, I still enjoy the classic episodes. I decided to watch every episode I could, in order, and to post something here. I’ll include a small summary and my opinion on each story. I will use the title of the story arc instead of the […]