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Back from WHC New Orleans

We’re back from the World Horror Convention (WHC), this year held in the hot and muggy city of New Orleans. Tonya and I enjoyed our trip, but we had to leave a day early due to an event at the Thornton Barnes & Noble. One of the things we did was venture out on a treasure hunt for our friend, Quincy J. Allen. He asked us to pick up a brick of Community Coffee with…

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Denver Comic Con

Coming up at the end of May 2013, the Denver Comic Con is the largest convention in the Denver region. This year, they’re expecting 50,000 attendees. I will be attending this year, along with Peter J. Wacks, to promote our Bram Stoker Award® nominated graphic novel, Behind These Eyes. We’ll be nea Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, right by the front of the dealers room.  If you’re going, please make sure you stop by…

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Some Adult Fare – Full-Metal Orgasm

I’m a fan of Heavy Metal magazine, particularly before the first movie came out. I also enjoy manga and anime, particularly Shirow Masamune’s work (Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed). Toss in a bit of Hajime Sorayama, crazy Bizarro-inspired violence and sex, and you have the essence of Full-Metal Orgasm. Full-Metal Orgasm is a sexy and intelligent adult fiction eMagazine for the digital age. Inspired by a multitude of media and figures such as Heavy…

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Guest Blog at Armand Rosamilia’s Place

Armand Rosamilia, that scary horror-writing gent behind Dying Days and Miami Spy Games, invited the authors from the Fifty Shades of Decay anthology to send him a blog post about their stories. Despite the outcry, pitchforks, and torches, he just posted my entry. Pop on by, and make sure you check out the posts from both Armand and his guests.

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Fifty Shades of Decay

Nothing says true love like hot zombie sex. Yes, you read that right. Scheduled for release on February 14th — Valentine’s Day — from Angelic Knight Press, Fifty Shades of Decay will deliver true love and lust to your Kindle, ePub, or dead-tree format collection. The author list is impressive (if you ignore my name): Rabbits by Guy Anthony De Marco Dead Things Don’t Rise by Mandy DeGeit Love’s Lament by Kate Monroe Hey, Girl…

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Amazon’s Shelfari

Just for fun, I decided to pop over to Shelfari to see what they have to offer. One of the best things Shelfari has is the ability to import from your Amazon purchasing history. I was rather shocked to see that I picked up 620 books in the last three years. True, most were freebies for my Kindle, but included in the list were 245 books that I actually purchased. I ended up adding a…

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KillerCon 4 Story Competition

KillerCon, one of the premiere author conventions, holds several competitions for authors to show off their mad skillz. For 2012, they had the Gross-Out Contest, a horror-themed erotica contest, plus a 15-minute competition where authors had to write a story with several key words or phrases. Note: Bad words coming, continue only if you’re comfortable with this.   The words and phrases we had to include were: Butterknife Zither Mongoose Plagiarize “I want to suck…

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Facebook Legal Notice (Extra Funny Added)

In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright and trademark are attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, graphics, comics, paintings, photos, videos, nude pornos I made in the 1990’s, that picture of me burying a dead body, horrific close-ups of my nose hairs, doodles I made in the snow when the bathroom was occupied, etc. (as a result of the BizarroCon Rules of Etiquette). Any commercial use of…

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Odd Places Reviews and Interviews

A few reviews popped up for my short story collection, Odd Places. Mandy DeGeit posted her review on her blog, Goodreads, and my Amazon page. She gave it a solid four stars. I wonder why so many people like my zombie cow story? She’s always funny, and I dubbed her “a force of nature in a tank top.” Hero Sandwich blogger Scott Slemmins usually writes about comic books and superheros, but he took the…

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Inspiration From Reality Shows

Now that we have Netflix, Tonya (my better half) is watching every episode of Cake Boss. Of course, I’m writing, plotting, and planning my short stories and novels while this goofy show is playing in the background. After episode 16 of season 3, where they travel to Italy, it struck me that some reality shows may be useful for authors. If one ignores the silly scripted dialog, there’s a wealth of description waiting to be…

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