KillerCon 4 Story Competition

KillerCon, one of the premiere author conventions, holds several competitions for authors to show off their mad skillz. For 2012, they had the Gross-Out Contest, a horror-themed erotica contest, plus a 15-minute competition where authors had to write a story with several key words or phrases.

Note: Bad words coming, continue only if you’re comfortable with this.


The words and phrases we had to include were:

  1. Butterknife
  2. Zither
  3. Mongoose
  4. Plagiarize
  5. “I want to suck your cock.”

Here’s my entry. It didn’t place, but I had a lot of positive feedback from audience members.

   She squirmed again, spurting blood from the butterknife-inflicted puncture holes in her abdomen. Each hole was crossed by a long, thin line of festering pus, looking like the strings of a zither, raked by the sharpened nails of her tormentors lucky mongoose foot he kept on on his antique watch fob.

   “Please,” she whispered. “Stop.”

   “There is no forgiveness for you.” His voice boomed, oddly amplified by the spiked and studded leather mask.

   “I’ll do anything. Anything! I want to suck –“

   “Your cock? Were you going to use that line on me? This isn’t a John Skipp movie!”

   “I’ll never plagiarize again, I swear,” she sobbed.

   “I know you won’t. If you see how we treat plagiarists at Samhain, imagine what they’d do to you is you submitted your stolen story to Sinister Grin Press!”

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