Booze & Books reviews Fifty Shades of Decay

Booze and Books took a look at Fifty Shades of Decay, and gave the anthology four cocktails.

Ann, the reviewer, pointed out two stories — one by Benjamin Kane Ethridge (Z Spot), and my short story, Rabbits. She said:

Rabbits, by Guy Anthony De Marco, is a rather bleak story that features a zombie with a latent memory and a man who comes to realize that he has been reduced to nothing more than an animal in a cage. There were a few stories that dealt with similar themes, but De Marco manged to capture the sense of hopelessness in just a few short pages in a way that has stayed with me long after reading it. “

You can read the entire review by visiting Booze & Books.

Booze & Books reviews Fifty Shades of Decay

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