Chasing a ball around a big yard with a stick…

Yes, I’m talking about golf, as invented by that famous hobbit who hit a goblin’s head clean off with his club, where it sailed through the air and went down a rabbit hole. Except now-a-days we use a dimply ball and metal golf clubs.

I just started playing to relax and to get out into the sunshine to generate some vitamin D. The clubs came from a Craigslist sale, and right next to where I work is a small golf course. Actually, there’s another one right next to the house we bought yesterday.

I’m just learning, and today was my third game ever. Went pretty well, and I hit my golf ball over both water traps this time. I don’t have the distance yet, but I usually hit it pretty straight. I’m having fun, and that’s important.

What does this have to do with writing? Nothing, and that’s the point. You need to get out and do stuff to generate the written stuff. Now I can write about a couple of gents on a golf course when they’re attacked by zombies. I’ll understand the elation of a good chip, and the agony of a shanked drive.

So get out there and live. Do something new. Learn something fun. Then incorporate it in your writing.

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