Christmas Eve 2012

Here it is, the day before Christmas and a week before a new year starts.

First off, I hope your Christmas is stress-free and warm, and you receive everything you desire (unless it’s a paddle-wheel riverboat, since they’re too hard to wrap without the shape giving it away and you’d need a living redwood as your Christmas tree to fit it under.)

For the upcoming New Year, I sincerely wish for it to be the breakout year for all of my talented friends. Personally, I’m setting a lofty goal to get six books published (most are in work), plus I’d like to get at least 12 short works published. Peter and I are already discussing a new graphic novel, so let’s toss that on the pile. I’m setting a hard goal of 500 good words per day with Sunday set aside to catch up if the need arises – 3,000 words weekly, no excuses.

That’s the 2013 Theme for me — the year of no excuses. I can’t blame anyone else for how my writing career goes, because it’s all on me to get it going to the point where I can have it completely cover all expenses at the minimum. I’m going to expand my range to include Bizarro fiction and Fantasy, plus toss in some more non-fiction work. No excuses!

Start thinking about your 2013 goals, then get them down in written form. I’d love to compare notes this time next year.

Happy Holidays to all!

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