Eyeballs and Submissions

Nothing like getting your eyeballs poked and puffed while having each iris large enough to drop a nickel through. Ah, the wonders of type-2 diabetes. Keep on top of your health, folks.

Ended up getting two stories written and submitted. First short went to Shock Totem magazine. It’s a tough market to crack, hopefully they’ll like my submission. The second went to Garden Gnome for their Biblical Legends anthology. I’ll update you when I hear back from the editors.

Sat down yesterday with a group of authors and artists at China Taipei, a restaurant in Centennial, Colorado. Fantastic food, highly recommended. I also hung out for an hour with Quincy Allen, who is an author and a talented ebook and print book layout designer. He gave me a few tips that should shave many hours off of my conversions. He’s currently converting Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart‘s book, Clockwork Angels.

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