Gingers in the Mist

For one event at AnomalyCon, the Plot in an Hour panel, the audience came up with Gingers in the Mist. Here’s what was worked out. Anyone who was in the audience can use this to write anything they desire:

Genre: Dystopian steampunk mystery (with a little erotica on the side)



    • Female: Redhead (tank girl-ish?) Ex-militia, engineer/programmer, security blanket is (robot). Found robot and rebuilt it.
    • Multi-purpose female Automaton. Needs female to remain functional. Has engravings with the key to unlock the Villain’s goal. Most advanced model made.

Villain: Steam demon in a sealed rubber suit. With goggles.

Protagonist Goal: Taking robot back to military to prove she was not responsible for dystopia – robot was reprogrammed and she didn’t do it. She wears goggles.

Villain Goal: Boil all humans as a gateway to bring in new steam demons into our world. Occupy all steam automatons with steam demons. Killed the protagonist’s girlfriend.

Story points:

  • Heroine and villain are yin/yang and cannot destroy each other.
  • Villain wants to lock away automaton because it can be used to kill/banish it.
  • Kill them all, let whoever writes this sort it out.


Gingers in the Mist

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