Iron Writer – Summer Solstice Edition

Yeah, I admit it. I love writing flash fiction. It’s a tough thing to do. One has to fit the right words together and make it drop into a box that can hold exactly 500 words—no more, no less—with the standard story elements present.

Over at the Iron Writer website, my short 500-word story is titled The Rescuers. I wanted to make this one have more action and to have a strong female protagonist. Hopefully, I did well enough to get enough votes to advance to the last round, to be held in 2014.

Maybe, like Bender from Futurama, if I come in second place, they will give me the title of Aluminum Writer, which comes with twice the prizes and a free case of Slurm.

Please take the time to read all the entries (yes, they’re all worth reading — only 500 words each!) and make sure you vote. Someone has to take that case of Slurm home!

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