KillerCon 2012 Report

Tonya and I attended KillerCon 4, an annual horror-genre convention held in Las Vegas every September. We stayed at the Stratosphere, where the con unfolded over the long weekend.

We drove our little “creeper” van, which probably cost us more than a flight, but we enjoyed each other’s company on the trip. Tonya spotted a full-arc double-rainbow on the way home. Pictures are posted on my Facebook page.

Since this was my first KillerCon, I decided to sit back and relax. I entered the 15min flash fiction contest, and even though I invoked John Skipp and two publishers (Samhain and Sinister Grin), I didn’t place. I did get positive feedback, so that was certainly a plus.

The readings and Q&A sessions flew by. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I’d like to give a nod to Gene O’Neil, who spent his allotted time to let members of the audience talk about upcoming projects.

The whole convention felt like spending time with extended (and insane) family. I will post several new blogs on KillerCon, so keep tuned. KillerCon 5 will be open for business in a couple of days, so make sure you pick up tickets before they sell out.

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