Mouse Wars: Oh, Rats!

This is part two of a four part post. Enjoy!

Oh, Rats!

After the fuzzy little mouse, my wife was not too scared of mice. We moved a few years later, and we were renovating the bathroom of our new house. I threw the old tile and wood in large dog food bags and kept them in the back of the yard until trash day.

My wife was taking the load out to the curb, and she grabbed one of the bags. As she was carrying it, she looked down just as ten large rats were erupting out of the bag. Her face was less than six inches away from the opening, and these were not mice. They were large gray California Roof Rats, about eight inches long with a foot-long hairless tail. She did the same dancing scream as she threw the bag far beyond what I would’ve thought possible. The rats scurried out and ran around, all heading over to the neighbor’s yard.

She didn’t like fuzzy mice anymore, she confessed.

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