Product Review: Epubor Ultimate Converter for eBooks

Product Name: Epubor Ultimate
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Windows/Mac? Yes/Yes
Trial Version Available? Yes, 30-day
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If you’re like me, you have a lot of eBooks that you’ve purchased over the years. Ever since Amazon reached out and removed copies of the book 1984 from all Kindle users who purchased it (Irony Achievement: Unlocked), I’ve been concerned about having my collection lost, corrupted, or even stolen by someone who hacked my Amazon account. I also sometimes wish to read on a non-Internet connected device, so it’s nice to convert an eBook to PDF to enable better search functionality and to read on older devices that still work.

Epubor Ultimate performs these tasks brilliantly. It allows one to convert your legally purchased eBooks into different formats to read on different devices. Of course, digital pirates could use this software to unlock encrypted eBooks (since Epubor Ultimate does have the capability to remove DRM), but then again there are plenty of other methods to do such. Pirates will do whatever they wish, no matter what authors like me say. I stopped shouting at clouds like Grandpa Simpson, tied an onion on my belt like they did in the old days, and just kept writing.

Epubor Ultimate serves a useful, legitimate purpose when used in a responsible, lawful manner.

  • Back up copies of your legally purchased eBooks.
  • Convert them to read on whatever device you own.
  • Adjust the metadata to correct for errors in your library.
  • Quickly and easily search your library. Trying to do this on my old Kindle would crash the device because I had over 800 books on it.
  • DRM removal, if you dislike having your eBooks locked.
  • Exceptional ease of use. If you’re a technophobe, just drag and drop to accomplish tasks.
  • I’ve used it to convert my Kindle books to ePub format for testing purposes before publishing them to iTunes, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

The software has worked flawlessly for me. I’ve been using it for several years, and it’s never crashed. Whenever there are changes to DRM methods or eBook formats, such as when ePub went from version 2 to 3, the company updates their tool and notifies you via email. Upgrading is easily accomplished through their in-software upgrade tool.

Epubor has a money-back guarantee, plus they have a free 30-day trial. I’ve enjoyed using the software, and it’s been stable and quite helpful.

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