Rocket Dragons Ignite!

I finally got around to opening a box that I misplaced back in October. It’s from the fundraiser for Daily Science Fiction, my personal favorite pro market for speculative fiction.

I already had a copy of the first book, so I was interested with the Year Two book, titled Rocket Dragons Ignite. I didn’t realize it until I scanned through the (extremely long!) table of contents that my short story, A Case of Curiosities, is in this anthology. That made my day, particularly since I’m wrasslin’ with a bout of influenza.

The DSF books are big. No, strike that. They’re the weight of a standard novel, if you were standing on the surface of Jupiter. These massive tomes of fiction contains several weeks worth of reading material. I’ve read the majority of them because I’m subscribed to their mailing list, but the ones I missed will be targeted for consumption.

If you’re looking for a solid Christmas present, hop on over and pick up a copy or three. For $24.95, you’ll get over 860 pages of reading pleasure to share with your loved ones.

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