Some Miscellaneous Catching-Up

After a bit of off-line tomfoolery, here’s a bit of catching up for the latest and greatest.

  1. I’m back on Facebook.
    Had too many folks who couldn’t get in touch with me, and I also missed out on a slew of cool projects. Ergo, I’m back on FB, except I won’t spend all day poking the refresh button.
  2. Covertopia has a cool contest, and it’s almost over. is giving away a professional-quality cover as a contest prize, and it’s easily worth doing the Rafflecopter thing.
  3. I’m going to be at Salt Lake Comic Con this year.
    Got everything finalized, so you can stop by and say hello at SLCC. It’s my favorite huge media-centric con. Their green room for guests is the best I’ve ever seen (or tasted!), and the folks at Salt Lake City are just wonderful.

Hope all’s well with you and yours!

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