Supporting The Passive Voice

I visit The Passive Voice almost daily to catch up on the latest news, opinions, and gossip. If you’re an indie author or small press and you have links to your books, you can help to support The Passive Voice by adding on a string of characters to your links.

The good thing is it does not reduce your earnings. Amazon gives the affiliate a tiny slice of the revenue they receive when someone arrives with a link tag that says “I just came here to buy stuff from (insert the name of the Amazon Affiliate).”

I place a note in the book description that lets potential purchasers know they can help pay the website bills for The Passive Voice:

Purchasing through Amazon supports!

The code I tack onto my books for sale is this:


The link to purchase the book Steampunk: The Other Worlds is:

Note that the last character should always be a slash. I tacked on the code to give The Passive Voice credit for the sale, which looks like this:

If you’re not a fan of TPV, you can find the Amazon Affiliate ID for a person or organization you do wish to support. Again, this costs you nothing but it gives your chosen Affiliate a few nickels and dimes. If enough people do that, those coins turn into enough dollars to pay the bills for webhosting and site maintenance.

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