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Authors You Should Know: Gene O’Neill

Welcome to the first entry in a new, ongoing series. I will be posting about authors I personally admire. Authors with wit, skill, a dazzling way with words, and who are just wonderful people in Real Life®. Some will be from the Golden Ages of Science Fiction, some will be from my formative years of dwelling in the school library, and some will be from folks I’ve met through conventions, social media, and their recent…

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Odd Places Reviews and Interviews

A few reviews popped up for my short story collection, Odd Places. Mandy DeGeit posted her review on her blog, Goodreads, and my Amazon page. She gave it a solid four stars. I wonder why so many people like my zombie cow story? She’s always funny, and I dubbed her “a force of nature in a tank top.” Hero Sandwich blogger Scott Slemmins usually writes about comic books and superheros, but he took the…

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Anime Review: Blood, the Last Vampire

I went to the store to pick up a copy of the Akira DVD, and a copy of Blood: The Last Vampire was next to it. I’m not a Vampire-genre fan, but the storyline sounded interesting, and since it was an Oshii film, I figured it would be worth a look. The first thing I thought when the movie was over was, “Ummm, where’s the rest?” The packaging said it was an 83 minute run-time.…

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