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Fixing Rural Internet: Received OTR Mobile Hardware

 I received my Netgear hotspot device from OTR Mobile earlier today. My CenturyLink service is still running at 843Kbps, about half of what I’m supposed to get (paying for 1.5Mbps, or 1500Kbps.) I opened the box for the Netgear Nighthawk LTE device and it already had the SIM card installed. Even though it was a […]

Solving Poor Internet Access for Rural Areas

 Like many folks who live in the middle of nowhere, I was stuck with limited options for broadband Internet access. In this case, “limited” meant none at all based on the FTC’s definition of 25Mbps. I could go with satellite access, which was expensive, exceptionally buggy, and has customer service ratings that rival Comcast in […]