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AnomalyCon 2015

 Yes, indeed, it’s time for one of my favorite conventions in Denver, AnomalyCon. This coming weekend (March 28, 29, & 30), I will be appearing on numerous panels for the premiere Steampunk convention on this side of the Rockies. Tickets are still available, and they’re at a new hotel this year (one of the Starfest […]

Steampunk and Aether

 I was poking around on Gutenberg when I found an old textbook on the sciences. It’s called Aether and Gravitation, and it’s located here: It’s fascinating to look at all of the cutting edge science (that ended up getting scrapped because it was all wrong). This is what those Victorian Steampunk folks were talking about […]


 Only a couple of weeks until NaNoWriMo begins. Coffee shops across the nation will notice a huge uptick in caffeine-infused drink sales. People will work on developing carpal tunnel. They’ll gather together in a huge social meeting just to ignore each other and poke on Facebook and get in a little bit of writing. All […]