Western Writers of America

I just signed a check and put it in an envelope. While I prefer to receive checks in the mail, this one is for my dues for the Western Writers of America.

I applied for membership, and listed my short story sales, including ones with a Western theme. I was surprised how many of my stories had a western influence. It may be because I’m in Colorado, and I’ve traveled throughout the western United States several times. Then again, it may be because I enjoy watching westerns on Blu-Ray and DVD. I admit I particularly enjoy John Wayne movies and those directed by Howard Hawks. Toss in The Quiet Man as an Irish seasoning, but it has a lot of the same types of action and dialog as the westerns…except with more green.

I did qualify as an Active member, and I’m looking forward to my membership and interacting with the other fine folks. If you’ve written straight westerns, or you have stories (or poems!) set in the old west or the frontier days, consider joining the WWA.


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