WhimsyCon 2018

Updated schedule for WhimsyCon on March 2-4. Should be a lot of fun and I hope to see you there in Denver, Colorado!

Creativity Roundtable
Fri Mar 2 8:00:pm – 8:50:pm
What drives creative people, inspires us, keeps us going when the muse has gone out for pizza and left us sitting at our desks…alone…in the dark. Artists, writers, actors, musicians or just becoming one, come join us.
Chaz Kemp, Guy Anthony De Marco, Peri Charlifu, Sarah Menzel

Games and Fandom Tie Ins
Sat Mar 3 10:00:am – 10:50:am
More and more people are doing Kickstarters to fund the next brilliant game idea. Discuss game and module design, game mechanics, GMing, and media tie-in writing.
Bill , Guy Anthony De Marco, Mason J. Torall, Paul Lell

Writing Jobs That Aren’t Writing Fiction
Sat Mar 3 11:00:am – 11:50:am
Learn about growing fields of writing outside of writing fiction that will grow your skills as a writer and pay above minimum wage.
Guy Anthony De Marco, Sandra Wheeler, Thomas A Fowler

Self/Indie Publishing (Print and eBook)
Sat Mar 3 1:00:pm – 1:50:pm
So many options! How do authors self publish and/or work with independent presses? How to make it happen, in physical form and electronically
Carol Hightshoe, Carol Van Natta, Guy Anthony De Marco, James A. Hunter

What-if Writer’s Sandbox
Sat Mar 3 3:00:pm – 3:50:pm
Historical Watersheds and “What-if” questions are one of the biggest jumping off points for a good Historical Fiction story. Come talk with writers and historians, and get some context for your latest idea, or maybe get some new ones!
Guy Anthony De Marco, Kerry Major

Is It True You Always Have Story Ideas?
Sat Mar 3 4:00:pm – 4:50:pm
Panelists quickly come up with a story based on the audience’s suggestions.
Guy Anthony De Marco, Ian Brazee-Cannon, James A. Hunter, Sam Knight

Author Mega Autograph Session
Sat Mar 3 7:00:pm – 7:50:pm
Many of our authors will be available to sell their books, provide autographs, and visit with fans.
A.M. Burns, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Carol Van Natta, Carolyn Kay, Guy Anthony De Marco, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Lou J Berger, Mason J. Torall, Mike Cervantes, Milton J Davis, Paul Lell, Shullamuth Ballinger, Thomas A Fowler, Tonya L. De Marco, Veronica R. Calisto, Vivian Caethe

Ethics and Art
Sun Mar 4 10:00:am – 10:50:am
How do ethics affect the artist? Talk about different ideas and situation, including pricing, copyright, stealing ideas, borrowing themes, payment, taxes, and how we treat each other!
Aria Fawn, Guy Anthony De Marco, Sarah Menzel

Convention Horror Stories
Sun Mar 4 11:00:am – 11:50:am
Come and hear stories of some of the convention guests’ strange, sublime and horrible experiences.
Guy Anthony De Marco, Jan Scott-Frazier

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