About the Fictorians

The Fictorians, a writer-centric blog that was publishing material of interest to authors every weekday, has been in a bit of a holding pattern until January 2019. They’re looking for established authors who have attended Superstars Writing Seminars to join and participate with a blog post every four to six weeks. There are only a few left who wish to continue the site (with over a thousand posts, some of which have a few thousand hits.)

If it does go under, it was a good run. I had a habit of reposting my Fictorians stuff here after a month or so, so most of my blogs are on this website. I would sign up for specific dates every year and write all of my blog posts in a few days. Most of my work was written in January, but because I’m a prolific writer I would also fill in when someone missed a date or there was an opening in the middle of the week. After a while this gets to be an issue, especially with my writing schedule.

Keep your fingers crossed. If you’ve never visited them before, it’s over on http://www.fictorians.com.

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