Angels & Heroes Comicon

The inaugural Angels & Heroes Comicon took place on April 28, 2018 in Greenbrier, Arkansas. I was their Author Guest and Tonya was a featured cosplayer and author.

They have one of the best taglines for a charity-based con:

I fight cancer. What’s your superpower?

The charity had many events lined up during Cosplay Con last year, also known as Con Con and “Where’s Malcolm?” Con. The organizer wandered off with all the funds raised, so they decided to hold their own this year. While it was a single-day event, Tonya and I had a lot of fun. Their entire volunteer staff went out of their way to be helpful, including stopping by several times to bring us bottled water or to ask if we needed anything. Brandy, the queen cat herder, must have had several clones made because wherever we looked, there she was helping someone.

The highlight was a solemn event where the entire convention came to a standstill to honor those children who had passed away recently from cancer. Brandy read off each name, her voice wavering with emotion yet loud and strong for those who are still needing some strength to persevere.

The venue was easy to find and comfortable, and security was handled by a squad of Harley-Davidson motorcyclists who were friendly and even helped to carry some of our boxes of books.

I hope I never have to go to this convention again…because hopefully someone will find a cure for cancer. If that doesn’t happen next year, this is a convention I would like to attend again and to honor those who have transitioned from heroes to angels.

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