Book Release: Sidekicks

Sidekicks Book Cover Sidekicks
MileHiCon Presents
Sam Knight
Speculative Fiction
Villainous Press
October 23, 2015
Print, Kindle, ePub, PDF

Sidekicks are used to being hidden from the spotlight shining on the hero they support. They work behind the scenes, doing their best to support their more famous companion.

There are times when the sidekick becomes the hero, when they have to step up and save not only their hero, but sometimes the entire world. This anthology is about sidekicks who humbly take those chances. Not just the usual sidekicks normally associated with Superheros -- any kind of sidekick in a science fiction or fantasy setting.

This anthology evolved from a panel at MileHiCon in Denver, Colorado, titled "So You Want To Be in an Anthology?" The stories contained within were contributed by attendees of that panel. All net proceeds are donated to support MileHiCon.

Make sure you attend MileHiCon and go to the panel to be invited to the 2016 anthology.


The print version will be released at MileHiCon on October 23, 2015. The Kindle version is available for pre-order now on Amazon. There is a separate unique Special Edition version (with its own unique ISBN number) available for pre-order on iTunes/iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and other retailers of ePub ebooks. It has an extra story added.

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