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That’s correct. I have filed paperwork to run for President of the United States. My election group is called Authors for President. My Federal Election Commission ID number is P60017449. When the FEC updates their list of presidential candidates, my name will be on it.

My presidential platform includes a flat tax of 15% for those above the poverty line; overhauling the copyright and trademark systems; overhauling the patent system; restructuring the Veterans Administration; and investigating the publishing industry’s lock-step contracts with odious terms.

You can vote for me as a write-in candidate for president during the 2016 elections, and I appreciate your support. With your help, I will get more votes than Mickey Mouse, Deez Nuts, Dat Phat A$$, and Mr. Porcupines R. Spikey Jr. That’s accurate — those are some of the registered candidates for the 2016 elections for President of the United States.

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One thought on “Candidate for President

  1. Good luck! My good friend Chuck Wagon (who is really Charles Maultsby) ran for president in 2012. He’s a famous Tucson musician and performs with his band Chuck Wagon and the Wheels. Anyhow, he unfortunately lost. I think he might have got a half-dozen votes, if that. But here’s the thing. Since he was an officially recognized legal candidate whenever the local papers or TV stations did summary election articles they had to include him in. He milked that publicity for all it was worth!