COSine 2013 Panel Schedule

If you’re not busy on January 25th through the 27th, take a trip down to Colorado Springs and stop in at COSine 2013.

My panel schedule, in case you wish to pop in:

9 – 10pm Breckenridge “Cross genre, cross dressing, and Charing Cross Road – what works and what sells?”
David Boop, Guy Anthony DeMarco, Sarah Hoyt (M), Sam Knight

11 – noon Rampart “The Science of Steampunk or Aerodynamics in the World of Steam”
Quincy Allen, Kevin Anderson, Guy Anthony DeMarco, Sam Knight, Peter Wacks (M)

12 – 1pm Breckenridge “Ebooks, podcasts, and online publishing – the effects of technology on SF publishing”
Kevin Anderson (M), David Boop, Guy Anthony DeMarco, Travis Heemann, Daniel Willis

2 – 3pm Breckenridge “Supernatural, horror, and paranormal – the shifting borders”
Ed Bryant, Guy Anthony DeMarco (M), Lynda Hilburn, Christopher Salas, Daniel Willis

5 – 6pm Pikes Peak Ballroom “Author Reception, Raffle, and Mass Autographing”
Quincy Allen, Kevin Anderson, Dana Bell, David Boop, Ed Bryant, Marie DesJardin, Guy Anthony DeMarco, Travis Heemann, Carol Hightshoe, Lynda Hilburn, Nikki Hohl, Sarah Hoyt, Paul Lell, Rebecca Lickiss, Nathan Lowell, Wil McCarthy, Rebecca Moesta, Pamela Nihiser, Christopher Salas, John Stith, S M Stirling, Peter Wacks, Connie Willis, Daniel Willis,Shelly Goodman Wright

6 – 7pm Breckenridge “Has the internet killed local SF groups?”
David Boop, Guy Anthony DeMarco (M), Jack Heneghan, Sourdough Jackson, Joe Sokola

8 – 9pm Breckenridge “Lovecraft, a retrospective”
Ed Bryant, Guy Anthony DeMarco, Travis Heermann, Nikki Hohl, Pamela Nihiser (M), Chris Salas

2 – 3pm Breckenridge “What’s the best market for short SF – magazines, anthologies, or online?”
David Boop, Guy Anthony DeMarco, Carol Hightshoe (M), Pamela Nihiser, Peter Wacks


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