COSine Day 1

The panels are done for the first day of COSine, a science fiction convention in Colorado Springs, CO.

Before my panel, I stopped in on several panel discussions and a reading by David Boop.

Today’s panel was “What Works and What Sells”, moderated by Sarah Hoyt. David Boop and Sam Knight joined me in a discussion about what’s been selling and who is buying.

The schedule for tomorrow is:

  • 11am — The Science of Steampunk
  • 12pm — Ebooks, Podcasts and Online Publishing
  • 2pm — Supernatural, Horror, and Paranormal – The Shifting Borders
  • 5pm — Mass signing event and raffles
  • 6pm — Has the Internet Killed Local SF Groups?
  • 8pm — Lovecraft: A Retrospective

If you’re stopping by, please take a moment to say hello.

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