COSine Convention Conclusion

Here we are, the final day of COSine. I say that knowing this may actually be the very last COSine Convention in Colorado Springs, at least as run by the First Friday Fandom group. Brings a sense of melancholy as I head into the last day.

The panel schedule is light today, with only one on my list — a discussion on short fiction and markets.

The hotel here has been, to put it delicately, entertaining. There is apparently a labor strike, and people have found some messed-up things. We were missing our shower curtain, and I know of at least one other person with the same issue. David Boop, another con panelist, had his first room completely uncleaned. His second room looked like a poltergeist had been playing. Another friend had someone leave something large and smelly in his bathroom. If COSine ever reboots, I hope they choose another hotel.

Oh, one last thing. We had a shooting in the back parking lot on Friday night. I was hanging out in the front while my friends were smoking. Next thing I knew, there were police cars and news vans all over. We all decided to go to Subway for some sammiches.

I understand there were no fatalities, but it was an interesting way of ending a convention.

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