I had a complete run of Daredevil up through 1988, including #1 in near mint condition. I read every issue (carefully) and I enjoyed the storyline. I should be loving the Netflix series.
I’m hating it.
The main characters are fine, and I thought Stick was well-played by Scott Glenn. It’s Kingpin that’s killing it for me. He’s the lamest villain when he should be dominating the screen. Heck, Leland is tougher than Wilson Fisk, to the point where he mouths off to Wilson’s face and it goes unchallenged.
I’m on episode nine of the first season, and I’ll probably force myself to get to season two because I like Punisher. Hopefully Wilson Fisk goes away or the character gets to be like the actual Kingpin character. I’m also looking forward to an accurate Electra and Bullseye, which was one of my favorite Marvel story arcs.
We’ll see how it goes.

One thought on “Daredevil

  1. Guy, you should finish season 1. You get to see Wilson Fisk slowly turning into the Kingpin. Even though the transformation is not complete by the end, you definitely see the potential of what he will become. Then in Season 2, although he only has a few scenes, you get to see the true Kingpin. And while on the subject, I sure hope to see a Punisher vs. Kingpin match up at some point, because they are both such heavy hitters (no pun intended), that someone, and possibly both, will not be coming out of it alive.

    As for season 2, I felt it was a bit weaker than the previous season. The Punisher story line was good, but the Elecktra part got a little tedious by the end, and I have to say I was a tad disappointed by the ending. It was almost like they didn’t know how to end it so they just did. No true cliffhanger, though lots of stories not yet completed. I’m still looking forward to season 3, but not with quite the excitement as I was waiting for season 2.