Guy, President of the United States

Yup, you missed out. I was an official registered independent candidate for President of the United States. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. I did, however, get my name into the historical records. For example, there’s the page about me on Ballotpedia.

Hopefully President Trump will turn out to be someone who doesn’t nuke the planet. Fingers crossed.

Y’all had your chance. Next time write my name on your ballot. Every vote counts.

Italian Americans, the history & culture of a peopleI get curious every so often and Google my name to see if anything unusual is out there. I do find the occasional pirate site, so that’s always fun.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a Google Books link to a non-fiction tome about Italian Americans. I’m one of four listed authors of note in fantasy and science fiction, along with R.A. Salvatore (an awesome gent!), Keith DeCandido, and Rich DiSilvio.

You can peruse parts of the book online — Italian Americans: The History & Culture of a People.. It’s not an inexpensive book…it appears to be a textbook that runs $95. I will probably keep an eye out for used copies to put on my brag shelves.

In some Fictorians news, there are some cool themes coming up in 2017. Frank Morin and I teamed up for an October/November NaNoWriMo theme that focuses on preparing for NaNo and then diving in.

Further down the Googling list, I discovered someone else liked the story that Kevin J. Anderson and I wrote for Unidentified Funny Objects 3, “The Fate Worse than Death”. Thank you, William Groenendijk!

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